Monday, December 19, 2016

My Tribe Wants Your Tribe's Stuff: Limits on Multicultural Schooling

Much obeisance is paid to the need for "multiculturalism" in the school curriculum. How else, ask the disciples, can educators promote a sense of empowerment and worth in all Americans? How else can they truly engage the many communities they serve? How else can they run schools that are strong and accountable community institutions? 

True enough. But this comprehension and valuing will not change the fact that groups, be they tribes or nations, compete for limited resources at one another's expense.

This defines multiculturalism's limits. Why? Because it is difficult to even tolerate, much less honor, another group's culture when that group's gain is your group's loss. 

Competition for resources has long existed and will continue to exist, "...for as long as grass should grow and water flow." And that means multiculturalism is generally limited to the winners granting token recognition to the losers.

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